NOTE:  Prices range from

$1.200.  --  $4,500  


"VERTICAL VISION"   24" x48" Acrylic/layered papers on wrapped canvas.


About :

                        ARTISTS  STATEMENT  


COLORS are always the starting point of my works.  Color adds joy to my life and life to my work!  Each painting I complete is an innovative dynamic statement filled with energy.  The non-objective forms and textures I apply to my canvas appear in some mysterious way since there is no pre-conceived idea for my paintings.  The lush colors create shifting illusions and passages.  I then may add various other paints, inks, dimensional paints, metallic paints, oil paint markers, transparent glazes, and sometimes collaged elements in many layers to the canvas.  These layers create depth and texture.  The fun is seeing where the journey in each painting takes me.  My journey becomes your journey as to what you see in my work and how it speaks to you.

My artwork creates any kind of atmosphere you like.  It makes a quiet statement, or an exuberant one, it reflects light, exudes  warmth, and makes a room come to life!